New Sorbsys Batteries.
Ready for production.

Sorbsys batteries are a rule-changing set of technologies in the energy storage market.
These batteries solve most of the existing problems of modern energy storage devices.
The cost of one cycle is dramatically less than existing lithium-ion batteries.
Sorbsys are truly green technologies. Safe and cheap.
Endless raw materials from a seawater and from an agricultural wastes.
Technologies are based on deep scientific research.
Sorbsys batteries is the most complete answer to existing challenges.

Completed scientific startup
Deep scientific works
Endless raw materials
Safe and cheap
Team of talented scientists
Truly green technologies
Ready for production


Our batteries are specifically designed for use in energy storage systems. 
The main purpose is intraday balancing, smoothing demands and generation peaks,  grid stabilization, etc.

The core of our system is the process known as electrosorption.
We developed a well-known process and transferred it
into advanсed ultra-porous materials.

Our material AH-5 has about

Synthesis of own mesoporous carbon material with a specific surface area of more than 3000 sq.meters/gram allowed us to create efficient energy storage system

Extremely large pore surface allows to achieve specific energy more than by active mass, even in aqueous electrolytes

Raw material for our material is an agricultural waste which makes it possible to significantly reduce the final cost of ESS


Most existing Lithium-ion batteries have intercalation/deintercalation of lithium into graphite on the negative electrode and metal or spinel oxides on the positive electrode during the charge /discharge process.
At the same time, with each cycle, the material of the positive electrode degrades due to the specificity of  
embedding of lithium ions into the lattice of the material.

        The sorption/desorption process is more a physical process than a chemical one. Ions do not build into the lattice of the material and do not destroy it during cyclization. Therefore, the number of charge/discharge cycles can be extremely large. 


The electrode reactions occurring in this system are:

Zn = Z++ + 2e, εo = -0.763V (1)

Br2+2e = 2Br, εo = 1.065V (2)

where εo is the standard electrode potential. The sum of eq. (1) and eq.(2) gives the cell reaction: Zn + Br2 = ZnBr2, Erev=1.828V

where Erev is the reversible cell voltage with the reactants at unit activity.


One of the main advantages of Sorbsys energy storage is a radically different level of safety.

  • Batteries have no metallic elements.
  • The basis is activated carbon and graphite.
  • Water-based electrolyte eliminates any risk of battery burning.
  • Any mechanical damage cannot cause the battery cells to ignite.
  • Batteries can be discharged to 0,0 Volts without any negative effects.
  • Positive and negative terminals can be short-circuited without consequences
  • Sorbsys does not contain Cobalt and any of its compounds.
  • Bromine and Zinc ions are in a state of salt solution, bound in safe compounds and are inside the pores.
  • Does not contain heavy metals.


Most market experts claim that the key factor for the energy storage systems is the cost per unit of capacity and the cost per cycle.

The use of cheap but efficient materials dramatically reduce the cost of batteries.

  • Cheap raw materials.
  • Simple technology
  • Water electrolyte.
  • A large resource base, which is constantly renewing.

The pack-level price is less than and going down


One of our main aims is to make a radical solution of the eco problems for the batteries story.
Our energy storage system is eco-friendly at all of its stages.
During production, exploitation and recycling.

Most of the items used in Sorbsys cells are available in pharmacies.

  • Activated carbon.
  • Salts of iodine, bromine, zinc, calcium.
  • Water.
  • Graphite.

All cells are easy to recycle, this could be used for new batteries, and most materials can be reused.

Let's make our planet


R&D Center "Clean Energy Technologies"

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R&D Center “Clean Energy Technologies”
23D, Sakhrova Street
City: Ivano-Frankivsk
76000, Ukraine
+380 99 3448828
email: info(_) 

About us

We are the group of scientists from several institutes and universities, united by the dream to develop safe and cheap batteries.
We have our own platform, and we also work in cooperation with various scientific institutions.
Our team has physicists, chemists, materials scientists, electrochemists. In total about 20 scientists and engineers.

We have been working together since 2016.

During this time, we received world-class results on many aspects of batteries and their components.

Also, we have some positive results in the field of advanced technologies of the future.

We intend to launch a pilot production with a capacity of 1-2MWh per month in 2021.

We are looking for from all over the world.